Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ReJoyce Yoga Cartoon: Subbing Classes

Summer is that beautiful time of the year where everyone goes on vacation. It's also about this time that I get asked to sub a lot of classes. 

When you are a yoga teacher, one thing that you learn is that people generally don't like subs. People have a huge attachment to their teacher and will either not attend class because the teacher is away or freak out when they see you sitting in the teachers spot. Some students even leave before class starts. 

To tell you the truth I use to be the same way. I would not go to a class if my favorite teacher wasn't teaching or get very unhappy if I found out that there was a sub. 

This all changed when I heard someone say "Love the practice, not the teacher." 

Now, whenever I see that my favorite teachers are not teaching but I want to practice, I just go. I always learn something great from each teacher I encounter. Learning to "love the practice and not the teacher," made my practice stronger. It also enhanced my concentration (Dhahran), one of the 8 limbs of yoga, because when you encounter a new teacher you really need to pay extra attention to their verbal cues. It's a wonderful exercise in concentration.   

I also find that every subbed class has a great asana tip that I have never thought of. It's amazing wheat I learn when I open my heart and mind. 

So next time you have a sub in your class... give them a chance. You never know what you will learn. 

If you happen to have me as a sub... thanks for coming and trusting me to share my practice with you. 

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