Friday, May 30, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 59: Uber- What Goes Around Comes Around

My boyfriend and I took Uber to pick up our car at an auto repair shop. We were running late and weren't sure if we were going to make it to the shop in time to get our car. 

When we were rounding the corner, a few blocks away from the shop, when we saw a puppy running down the street with a leash. 

My boyfriend and I asked our Uber driver to pull over and let me out so I could catch the dog. Our driver pulled over reluctantly and let me out. I could tell he was a little worried leaving me in a random neighborhood. 

I watched as the driver slowly drove past the pup before accelerating, to get my boyfriend to the auto shop before they closed.

With some blind faith, I knelt down, whistled, and said "Here boy!" The puppy looked at me and bounded toward me with playful happiness. He flung himself into my chest and started kissing my arms. I grabbed the end of his leash and noticed he chewed through it. 

I called the phone number on the tag when a man approached and said, "I know who owns that dog." He walked me over to a nearby store where a woman had just came out. She was ecstatic when she saw me with her puppy. She thanked me for catching him. 

"It's not a big deal. I did it because I hope someone would help my dog if she ever got lost," I said. 

Just as I was starting to walk down the street, my Uber driver pulled up and said he would take me to the auto shop so I wouldn't have to walk. I climbed in and he took me two blocks to the shop. I asked him if I could pay him for the short ride and he said "no". He said he was happy to help me because he liked that I wanted to help the dog.

What goes around comes around. I asked my boyfriend to write a nice review of our driver and give him a five star rating because I think it takes a special soul to take the extra time to make sure a girl arrived to her destination safe and sound... free of charge. 

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