Thursday, February 20, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 38: Love Potion

Every February Baskin-Robbins comes out with Love Potion 31 Ice Cream. It's a seasonal flavor available mostly in February. It's white chocolate flavored and raspberry ice creams, a raspberry ribbon, chocolate chips, and raspberry filled chocolate flavored hearts. Absolutely delicious. 

This year they also came out with a Love Potion 31 Dark Ice Cream. It's chocolate ice cream mixes with white chocolate-flavored bits and raspberry-filled hearts, coupled with a red-raspberry flavored ribbon and ice cream. Also amazing. 

Whenever Love Potion 31 comes out, I automatically start thinking about visiting my friend Marsha. It's her favorite ice cream. 

Today I asked her to lunch and as a surprise I brought her a quart of Love Potion 31 and a quart of Love Potion 31 Dark Ice Cream. She was really excited when she opened the cooler and found her favorite treat inside. Yay! 

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