Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 28: Katy Day

One of the things that I always tell my prenatal yoga students is to celebrate themselves. After you have a child, the woman's name often transforms to "Mom." -that is why I think it is important to have friends who will remind you that you have your own likes and dislikes, and reminds you that you are an incredible individual.

For this reason, I was happy to throw my friend, Katy, a special day not related to being pregnant. It was just a day to remind her that she will always be special, that she is more than just a mom, and that she can have a conversation that doesn't have to be about the baby. It was a day just for her. 

We started the day having bunch at one of her favorite restaurants, followed by a walk, and finished the day with a movie of her choosing. Overall, a wonderful day with a very special friend. 

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