Saturday, January 11, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 11: Doors

I was leaving a store when I realized there was someone behind me. On instinct, like most people, I held the door open. The lady behind me, smiled widely and said "thank you." Normally when I do things like that, I don't notice when people say "thanks." 

The more I try to do nice things, the more I realize that I am the recipient of random acts of kindness every day.  A simple "thank you," is an acknowledgement of your services, and seems so powerful to me now. It is a kindness in of itself. 

More and more, I notice when people do nice things for me, like waving my car over when I have my turn signal on, while driving, people opening doors for me, people smiling, and daily interactions that really make life a little nicer. 

I am starting to think kindness is a state of mind.If you look for it, you are likely to find it. 

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