Monday, June 2, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 61: My Favorite YouTube Channels

I am always thinking about what it means to "support" someone. I am sure my obsession is some deep seated hope that other people will make more of an effort to support the ones they love. I have this idea that if our interpersonal connections with our friends and family were stronger, our connections to our communities would be stronger, making our nation stronger and opening our hearts to everyone else in the world. (Idealist... I know)

Everyone has their passions and I think it's important to support what they love.

Three people, who I care about, all have something in common... YouTube. 

My brother, James Hsu, is a talented internet marketer and public speaker. He has a YouTube page called "The Adventures of Hsuperman." There he celebrates the accomplishments of various companies around the Las Vegas, NV, area, supports Las Vegas based charities, presents movie reviews for over 52 movies a year, and gives motivational speeches.

My friend, Robyn Navarro, is a talented Bay Area photographer with a special eye for beauty, light and fun. Her photography celebrates freedom, movement, and beautiful moments in life. 

Alexandria Vaun, a childhood friend, is a fashionista and has a YouTube channel where you can discover new make-up, shoes, jewelry, clothes and find out where you can get a new look. 

Whenever I have a chance, I try to watch their videos, "like" the video, "subscribe" to their page, and leave comments,  not only because I enjoy their videos but because I feel like it gives me insight on who they are, and also shows them that I care. 

If you love someone with a YouTube page, consider watching the videos and leaving comments for them. It's a random act of kindness that will warm their hearts. You can also share the channel in the comments below. Tell us why you love the channel and why they are important to you. 

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