Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 43: HandUp

Today I had the honor of having coffee with Scott Wainner, serial entrepreneur/ angel investor,  and Rose Broome, Co-Founder and CEO of Hand Up. Rose was kind enough to meet with Scott and me and tell us about her company, HandUp. 

HandUp is direct giving for homeless people and others in need in San Francisco. Donations are redeemed for basic needs like food, clothing, and medical care through their partner organization Project Homeless Connect.  

It was great learning about HandUp and how they help the homeless in San Francisco. After our meeting, I ran home and took a look at their website to see who I could help. There are a lot of profiles so it can be a little overwhelming to go through the site, but then I stumbled upon Brenda. Her story really touched me because she is a cancer survivor and has a loving canine companion named Bear. I own and love animals and both of my parents had cancer when I was a teenager so I understand the devastating nature of cancer. 
It feels good to know that 100% of my donation will be used to help Brenda purchase dentures and/or help her dog, Bear, have eye surgery.

Here is "Brenda's story: I battled cancer for 14 months in 2000 and 2001. Going through chemotherapy has caused me other health problems and now I have congestive heart failure. I have been in SF for over 20 years. My mom and daughter are in Petaluma. I am really hoping to get into more permanent housing.
Bear, my dog, is my companion and is also in need of some medical attention. He needs laser surgery for his eye in order not to go blind. Pets Unlimited and Pet SOS are offering to do it for $300. (It normally costs ~$3,000). In addition, I'm looking for help with dentures. $1000 will allow me to get much needed dentures through Project Homeless Connect."

Here is her video:

If you want to donate to Brenda, like I did, please click here: Brenda or if you want to check out other people who can use your help, check them out here: HandUp Members

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