Saturday, February 1, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 32: Compliments

Have you ever received a compliment from a stranger, and it made your day? I know I have. Whenever I receive a compliment from a stranger, it makes me feel like I am walking on air. I feel like the compliment is always accompanied with the thought "I see you."

We walk, drive, cycle, hop, dance and pass strangers all day, almost blind to the fact that we share the same space with them. 

Today I spent my day seeing the beauty in strangers and giving them compliments. I find saying something nice is really easy and extremely powerful. 

"You have a nice shirt on."

"Great dress."

"Love your hair."

"Wow, you have a great smile."

What's the best compliment you ever got from a stranger? Let me know what it was in the comment box below. Love to hear your story. 

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