Monday, January 20, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 20: Chair

I was getting some tea with my friend Samatha when we noticed a cute older couple in their 70's. The man gently placed his wife into a chair and walked over to the cashier to get their drinks. He walked softly, slowly and deliberately while he smiled at his wife. You could see in his eyes that he loved his wife very much. 

When he got back to his table he noticed that he needed a chair. With cups and cane in hand, he started to scoot a chair over with his foot. 

I jumped up from my seat and grabbed the chair for him and placed it across from his wife. He looked a bit off put but happy for the help. When opportunities like this happen, I try to jump into action because I like to think that if my mom needed some help that a kind stranger might be willing to help her.  

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