Saturday, September 28, 2013

Utthita Trikonasana

Joia and Jenn Gaskin in Triangle Pose. 

Extended Triangle Pose


Utthita Trikonasana is usually done after Tadasana (Mountain Pose).

How to do it: (As explained as Trikonasana on the right side)

From Tadasana (Mountain Pose), step or hop your feet one leg distance apart.

Turn your right foot out so it is perpendicular to the short end of the mat. Then turn your left foot parallel to the short end of the mat.

Extend your arms out to the sides so they are parallel to the floor.

Take a nice deep inhale as you straighten and lengthen your spine. As you exhale, grow a little taller.

Inhale and extend through your right hand pulling your torso forward over your right leg.

On an exhale gently bring your right hand down to your right big toe. Clasp your big toe with your thumb and index finger. Pull your left shoulder back and rotate the rib cage open.

Extend your left hand up toward the sky and look at the left thumb.


Option 1: If you can’t clasp your big toe with your hand, you can place your hand on your shin or a block.

Option 2: For a more intense stretch, you can place your hand onto the floor. (As seen in the picture above)

Drishti (Where you should look):

Look at your left thumb.

Why we do it:

This is a great pose to strengthen and lengthen your hamstrings, quadriceps and lower legs muscles (peronius).

About the picture: 

Pictured is yogini, Jenn Gaskin and her beautiful daughter, Joia. 

Jenn has been teaching yoga for over 10 years and I am honored to have her as a friend.

Her classes are a combination of beautifully flowing asanas, strength and flexibility.  Her sequences move students in and out of asanas in a safe and natural way that bring confidence to the practitioner while also giving them proper alignment, and builds body awareness.  I highly recommend her classes.

Check her out at or take one of her classes at Menlo Pilates and Yoga in Menlo Park, CA.

Also, a  big "thank you" to the talented photographer, Rebecca McCue, for taking the photo. Rebecca can be found at and  contacted at

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