Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tadasana: Samasthiti

Mountain Pose

How to do it: 

Stand with your feet together with your toes facing forward. Your big toes and inner heels should try to touch. Try to distribute your weight equally between the inner and outer sides of your feet.  Your legs will be straight.

Try to neutralize your pelvis above your legs. You will know when you are in a neutral position when the weight feels distributed evenly through your feet.

Then straighten your vertebral column by stacking your lumbar vertebrae (L1-L5), with your twelve thoracic vertebrae (T1-T12), and aligning the cervical vertebrae (C1-C7)

Image 1:

Bring your arms down to your sides. Your arms will be slightly engaged with your fingers flexed with your palms facing forward.  

Your shoulders should be soft and rolled down the back.


Option 1: Place your back against a wall to help you stack your vertebral column.  Use the wall as support.

Option 2:You can also take your feet hip distance apart to help with your standing balance.

Drishti (Where you should look): 

Nasagrai: Bring your eyes and attention to the tip of your nose.

Where you should concentrate: 

Focus inward.

Why we do it: 

Tadasana prepares you for all other poses.

It is also great to improve your overall posture.

Image 1:

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  1. Hi Joyce, love the name and such a great writeup... can you also add details on what part of the body each Yoga pose helps with (or focuses upon)? For example, this seems to work on improving our postures as we stand? Thanks!!

  2. Good work Joyce! I am happy to share this on my facebook if you like?

    1. Thanks Doron, that would be really nice. :)