Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ReJoyce Yoga Cartoon: Svarga Dvijasana: Bird of Paradise

The first time someone said "... and then move into Bird of Paradise," in yoga class, I thought it sounded really strange.  "Bird of Paradise."

Eventually, someone told me, "it is a type of flower."

After performing a Google Image search, I finally understood it's name. Svarga dvijasana (Bird of Paradise) looks like a proud flower rising from the ground, shining it colorful face to the sun. Some days I'm a proud flower with strength in it's stem rising to the sun with little regard for gravity. Other days, I'm unstable, rocking and swaying like a plant in the wind trying to stay up. Either way, it's always a good day to be yogi because "making the effort" is how we get better.

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