Thursday, February 18, 2016

ReJoyce Yoga Cartoon: Intension

I was teaching a "beginner" yoga classes this week and what I love about new students, is how hard they try.

Yoga can be sweaty, smelly, hard, uncomfortable, and infuriating. That is why I love to teach it. Beginners set their intension and work through each pose with willingness and angry determination. It's inspiring.

When poses become easier, we sometimes we lose that determination to improve ourselves and it gets replaced with our own vanity and need for competition. Even worse, sometimes we just move through the poses without any intension at all.

So... when I want to be humbled and need a new yoga perspective, I attend or teach a beginner class. It inspires me to be a better yogi. I look around and see the sweat pouring down faces, bodies in child's pose, or the intensity of the eyes paying attention and I know that I need to look at my own practice with that same ferocity.

To all the beginners out there... thanks for making me a better yogi.

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