Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 47: Shopping Carts

One of the things my dad use to say is, "Put things back where you found them." Oddly this stuck with me as I grew older. I have a tendency to put my things in the same place. Whenever I don't, I end up searching the house aimlessly. 

This even applies to grocery shopping. After dropping off my grocery bags in my car, I always take my grocery cart back to the grocery cart holders so the next shopper will have a cart. Sadly, it doesn't really stop there. If I see a random grocery cart in a parking space, I will grab it and roll it back too. Sometimes I end up with up to five carts before I get back to the grocery cart holder. I probably look like I work for the store pushing all those carts but I feel like I am saving someone's car from getting a ding, or saving someone time from having to move one out of a parking spot, or just making it easier to find them. 

If I get to the cart holder and there is a jumble of carts, I line up all the carts and push them into each other to make them compact. Nothing drives me more crazy than to see five carts taking the space of 20. 

So my neurotic habit was my random act of kindness today. I was at Whole Foods rolling carts together, making them compact and hopefully making someone's day a little easier. 

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  1. You made the cart guys day, I'm sure!

  2. LOL. Ya. It's funny. Some of the cart girls/guys will thank me occasionally.