Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Random Act of Kindness 8: Poop

I try to take my dog, Ruby, out for walks when I can. She loves the park, especially when she sees her little dog friends there. (Shout out/Bark out to: Lula, Jasmine, and Chase, some of her little buddies.)

One important thing that I always bring with me is lots of poop bags. I swear Ruby knows when she is going to go to the park. She saves up all her poop, so she can go at least twice on her walks. Gross.

At one of her favorite parks, there are a lot of dogs who visit. Unfortunately though, sometimes people forget their bags or maybe they find picking up after their dogs gross. Either way, my dog loves to find these hidden, stinky gems and sniff them. (Hurl.)

So part of my regular "acts of kindness," is to pick up the random poo and throw it away along with whatever my dog wants to contribute. My way of preventing my fellow dog owners from stepping in it... or even worse... having a doggy friend think it is a treat. Nasty. 

This random act of kindness is dedicated to Ruby and all those four legged friends, out there, that make life better.

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