Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ReJoyce Yoga Cartoon: Air Travel Tips For Traveling Pregnant Women

Here are some suggestions for your plane ride:

General precautions:
* Please ask your doctor (midwife or OBGYN) if it is safe for you to fly 
* Ask for a doctor's note, in case the airline asks for one. ("Virgin America will allow women to travel without a doctor’s permission up to seven days before her due date. Any woman who is within seven days of her due date must submit a document from her physician on official letterhead stating that she is fit to fly. This information must be available to a Virgin America Team Member at check-in. If the Guest is traveling round trip, the document must indicate that she will be fit for the return portion of her trip as well." Virgin America:

What to bring:
* Your favorite snacks
* An empty water bottle (When you get on the plane, you can ask an attendant to fill it up for you.)
* Copy of medical records in case of emergency (Place these in your carry on for easy access)

* Ask for a pat down (As far as I know, there has not been any long term research done on imagine scanners to say it is safe for a pregnant women)

Things the attendants may help you with:
* Ask them to put up and take down your bags
* Pillows (or bring your own)
* Extra drink service
* If there are extra seats in different rows (ask if they could move you so you have two seats so you can put your feet up or simply have extra room)

Picking a seat:
* Pick a seat in the "bulk head" for extra leg room
* The middle of the plane, near the wings has the least amount of turbulence
* An aisle seat will allow you to get up to walk around more, as well as use the bathroom without having to ask people around you to move

Best things to wear:
* Comfy shoes; take them off so your blood can circulate easier
* A dress or easy clothes to deal with so you can use the bathroom without hassle

Avoiding bloating, thrombosis, and varicose veins:
* Drink lots of water (avoid caffeine)
* Avoid carbonated drinks because it may cause more acid reflux at higher altitudes
* Avoid salt because it causes water retention

* Tuck something behind your lower back to support your lumbar spine. Helps keep your baby from moving out of a head down position. If it is not head down, good posture will help move the baby into a head down position.

Quick exercise routine (do all exercises once every hour):
* Point and flex your feet (10x)
* Rotate your ankles (10x in one direction; then switch sides)
* Pull your leg into your side rib, hold for three long breaths and then do the other side. (3x-alternate sides)
* Walk up and down the aisle or walk in place next to your seat

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