Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Prenatal Yoga Teachers

Back Row: Left to Right: 
Misato Taniguchi, Nikki Tompot, Miriam Von Guggenberg, Joyce Hsu, Christina Perez- Martin, Anna Lutey 
and Sarah Domke; 

Front Row: Left to Right: 
Adriana Zamora, Xiaoyu Zhang, Jennifer More, Sharon Minton, and Jenni Brandon


Today was a big day for 10 amazing yoga teachers. My friends and I just finished our 85 hour Prenatal Yoga Training from Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga under doula/prenatal yoga teacher, Jennifer More.

To say that it was an amazing experience would be a complete understatement. Not only do I feel like I am ready to teach a safe prenatal class but I feel like I have a new and more complete understanding of the labor process, anatomy of the female pelvis, and respect for doulas, doctors, midwives and women.

The entire experience has been overwhelming and magical. I feel like I have a deep connection with the women who attended class with me. They were all wonderful, kind, and special in their own way. I hope our friendships last a lifetime. The time I spent with them will be in my heart forever.

What makes these newly graduated teachers so special is the information that was imparted on us by our teacher, Jennifer. Being a doula and assisting in over 450 births, she was able to give us a real understanding of the miracle of birth and how yoga affects the process.

We not only have the knowledge of what poses are safe for pregnant women but we also understand anatomically why we do the poses that we do.

It’s been a fantastic journey and I am so grateful that I was able to share it with the beautiful women in my class and so happy that Jennifer was my teacher. Thank you!!

How to find these amazing prenatal yoga teachers: 

Adriana Zamora
Works in Mexico

Anna Lutey
FB: Annalutey
Works at: Kava Yoga in Long Beach, CA

Christina Perez-Martin
FB: cperezmartin
Works at: Art of Yoga Project in San Francisco and Breathe Yoga in Los Gatos, CA

Jenni Brandon
FB: Jennibrandonmusic
Works at: Kava Yoga and Free Spirit Yoga in Long Beach, CA

Jennifer Wolfe More
Twitter: @PrenatalYoga

Joyce Hsu 
Twitter: @WriterJoyceHsu
Works at: Prajna Yoga in Belmont, CA and Yoga of Los Altos in Los Altos, CA

Misato Taniguchi
Works at: Aerial Yoga in Japan

Nikki Tompot
Works at: Your Namaste Doula

Miriam Von Giggenberg
Works at: Peacebank Yoga and Powerhouse Gym in Redwood City, CA

Sarah Domke
FB: sarahdomke
Works at: Sarah Domke Yoga

Sharon Minton
Works at: Grasshopper Yoga

Xiaoyu Zhang 
FB: Xiaoyu Rachel Zhang
Works in San Diego, CA

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